A number of articles on A WORLD AT WAR, many of which first appeared in ULTRA, the now-discontinued quarterly magazine dedicated to A WORLD AT WAR, are available. The articles are self-contained, have been updated and are fully compliant with the current version of the rules. Additional articles will be published as they become available. The articles are organized by topic so that it is easy to focus on a single area of the game.


Bombing Britain
The Basics
by Bryan Brinkman and Bruce Harper

Bombing Techniques
Improving German Bombing
by Bruce Harper

The Ural Bomber
German Strategic Bombers
by Bruce Harper

Fighter Command
Stopping the German Bombers
by Bruce Harper

Hitler's Sea Lion
Was Adolf any Good at this Game?
by Bruce Harper


The French Confection
How to Make An Airy Pastry of a Defense Last For at Least Two Turns
And What You Must Do When the Croissant Crumbles
by Dave Hanson and Bruce Harper

Winter 1939 or Spring 1940?
by Ken Cruz and Bruce Harper

The French Surrender
A Step-by-Step Guide
by Bruce Harper


Up From the Minors
Italy Plays In A World At War
by Dave Hanson

Italian Entry Into the War
When to Take the Plunge
by Greg Bangs


Japanese Military Research
The Imperial Japanese Army’s Plan to End the China Incident
by Bruce Harper

Japanese Naval Research
Pretending Japan can win in A WORLD AT WAR
by Bruce Harper

Minor Countries

Getting the Germans in and Keeping the British Out
by Ken Cruz, Dave Hanson, Markus Kässbohrer and Donald Stanley

The First Blitzkrieg
by Kris Dzikowski and Bruce Harper


Preparing for Barbarossa
Collapsing the Rotten Structure of Bolshevism
by Ken Cruz and Bruce Harper

United States

A Guide to American Logistics
The basics of the Western Allied buildup
by Bruce Harper


How the current A World at War oil rules work
by Bruce Harper

That Thin Red Line
Attritions, Offensive Operations, and Multiple Fronts
by Bill Kohler

Why I Don't Build Forts!
Fortifications are “Monuments to the stupidity of man.” (George Patton)
by Rob Carl