The files below are unofficial and have been provided by various A World at War experts. They are intended to protivde play aids, help explain the rules, add-on to the rules, or provide strategies and guides.

Guides, Learning Materials, and Player Aids
File Contributor Description Last Updated
Combat Unit Related
AAF-AAS Conversions
CG Pairing Flowchart
Naval Activities
SW Results

Rule Summaries
Geographical Restrictions
Mapboard Box Summary
Oil Reserves
Tension Result Summary

Sequence of Plays (SoPs)
Abbreviated SoP
LBA Attacks outside of Naval Combat
Murmansk and YSS SoPs
Naval Activity SoPs - Unofficial
Strategic Bombing SoP - Unofficial

Tracking In-Game Info
Oil Factor Tracker
Research Tracker
Scenario Rules

Unit Summaries
Air Unit Summary
Ground Unit Summary
Naval Roles and Restrictions

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Bill Kohler Bill has created a bunch of player aids. They cover a wide variety of topics and they are all useful. These player aids are 'unofficial' but should be 100% accureate. If you have any questions or find any mistakes, please let Bill know so that he can update them.
Global RPs (Classic AWAW)
Global RPs (GS-AWAW)
Mark Yaeger Mark has updated the Excel Research Records file that was originally put together by Eric Scheulin to account for the various rule changes over the past 10 years or so.
With this file you enter your research allocations and die rolls and the Excel formulas automatically take into account all of the various die roll modifiers and works out the result as well as modifiers for subsequent rolls, etc.
Mark has also created a second version of the Research Excel file for GS-AWAW. You enter GS data (when the war breaks out, whether the atom was split in GS, and how many steps of research each side has completed in each GS research project) and the Excel file is appropriately updated with starting research modifiers, indicates when research in various projects can start, etc.
The current version is 1.02.
Putting together A World at War Bruce Harper Buying A World at War (and now Gathering Storm) is a significant investment of money, and learning how to play the game(s) is a significant investment of time and effort. Once you have the game, how can you set it up so that it is an awesome playing experience? 08-02-15
Russian Horror
Russian Horror
Russian Horror Alternate Defenses
Russian Horror (Image)
Eskimo (Peter Bäckgren),
Jan-Erik Wahlund,
Johnny Burlin
A Barbarossa initial turn defense strategy for Russia that will drive the Germans crazy.

Note that 'Alternate defenses' fixes a flaw in the original post as well as defenses against different German setups
Before Barbarossa Eric Krug This is a rough guide to playing Russia before Germany invades. 04-09-09
German Raider Strategies Elihu Feustel A summary of the various raider strategies available to Germany and the expected results of each strategy. 04-08-08
 AWAW Speedy Play Bruce Harper Get Me to the Bar on Time, How to Play A World at War Faster. 08-15-05
3 Strategic Warfare Examples Chris Cantrill Chris Cantrill has created an example of 3 different Strategic Warfare battles. 03-27-04
Illustrated Coral Sea EoP
Coral Sea Example of Play
Eric Thobaben,
Eric Scheulin
Here is a Coral Sea detailed example of play.  An excellent introduction into the Naval Rules of AWAW.  The illustrated EoP contains Counter and Map pictures as well as a smaller font. 01-09-04
Barbarossa Scenario Economy Example Maurice Buttazoni An example of the Russian Economy from Su41 to Sp42 for the Barbarossa Scenario. 01-09-04
Fleet Combat Maurice Buttazoni Very small Fleet only (no air) example of play. 01-09-04