Game Report (02-24-02) (complete game)
Here is the Game Report document that lists turn by turn the Research, Diplomatic, Economic, and Warfare decisions of each side.

Ready to Play - 1

Ready to Play - 2

Ready to Play - 3

Ready to Play - 4

Winter 1941 - The Middle East

Winter 1941 - All quiet on the eastern front (for the moment)

Winter 1941 - Birmingham captured by the Axis

End of Spring 1943 - Axis success in the Middle East

End of Spring 1943 game turn - Stalemate in Britain

End of Spring 1943 game turn - "the three Russian bridgeheads on the Vistula may prove hard to dislodge..."

The eastern front after the Russian Spring 1944 offensive. Berlin is within air range of the Russian spearheads. 

Britain after the Western Allied breakout from Scotland in Spring 1944 

Spring 1944 - French North Africa is liberated by the Western Allies

The big problem for the Western Allies: the continuing transport shortage and German occupation of England keeps half the British force pool out of play.

Fall 1944 - The Western Allies finally get ashore in France.

Fall 1944 - Trouble in paradise. The eastern front at the end of Fall 1944.

Fall 1944 - With Ploesti in Russian hands, Mosul becomes even more important.

Fall 1944 - Italy at peace - for the moment.

Fall 1944 - "The future is clear if you look in the Sea of Dice."

After the Allied Spring 1945 player turn: The Russians try a fast one in Hungary.


Summer 1945: The Allies capture Paris.  Enjoy looking at the Vichy units while you can!


Summer 1945: Italy surrenders.

Position after the Axis Fall 1945 player turn: The Germans abandon France.

After the Axis Winter 1945 player turn: A harsh winter for the Axis.

Winter 1945: The Allies have captured every German objective, but Berchtesgaden remains under Axis control.

Position at the end of the Axis Spring 1946 player turn.

"My stack is bigger than your stack" - the position at the end of the Spring 1946 game turn.

Summer 1946: Russian and American armor meet at Berchtesgaden.  They're all smiles now....

Summer 1946: European theater naval losses.