Game Report (Game called in Summer 1943)
Here is the Game Report document that lists turn by turn the Research, Diplomatic, Economic, and Warfare decisions of each side.

Western Europe at the end of 1940

Eastern Europe at the end of 1940

The German problem - 97 BRPs of unbuilt units at the end of 1940

The dirt farm - at the end 1940 (although it could be any year...)

A complicated position in Spain in Summer 1942

Russia covers up after the Axis steal the Cacausus. Turning point or merely a speed bump?

Southern Iraq: The Axis try to keep the Western Allied genie in the bottle.

All quiet on the Western front, as American troops patiently wait to come across the Atlantic

Summer 1942 - the South Pacific. Japanese pressure builds

Summer 1942 - Australia under attack

Summer 1942 - deadlock in Asia

Boyd Pyper (Allies)

Bruce Harper (Japanese)

Boundless ambition - Japan tries to out build the United States

Gibraltar at the end of Summer 1943 - ready to be taken by a courageous Axis commander.

France, Summer 1943

The eastern front, Summer 1943

The Middle East, Summer 1943

Europe, Summer 1943, as peace negotiations begin.  The game ended a turn or so later with an Axis victory