84.11 MECHANISMS: A minor country may become associated with a major power in four ways:
A. ATTACK BY AN ENEMY MAJOR POWER (Europe only): The minor country survives the first turn of attack by an enemy major power (EXCEPTIONS: Russian border wars - 66.2, 67.2; a Western Allied attack on a Vichy colony - 77.6; immediate association by a garrisoned minor country - 82.34).
B. ATTACK BY A NEUTRAL MAJOR POWER (Europe only): The minor country survives an attack by a neutral major power. The minor country associates with a major power which declares war on the neutral major power.
C. DIPLOMACY (Europe only): After a diplomatic result of 9 (Axis) or -2 (Western Allies, Russia).
D. TRIGGERING EVENTS: Certain events trigger automatic association.

84.21 ATTACKS BY MAJOR POWERS: If a minor country survives the first turn it is attacked by a major power, it associates with an enemy major power at the start of the next diplomatic phase, before diplomatic die rolls are made. A minor country attacked by Germany or Italy associates with Britain; a minor country attacked by an Allied major power associates with Germany. This general rule is subject to the following exceptions:
A. Association does not occur as a result of Russian border wars (66.2, 67.2) or a Western Allied attack on a Vichy colony (77.6).
B. Garrisoned minor countries associate immediately (82.34, 82.81A).
C. Association with a surrendered Britain is deferred (82.81C).
D. Association may be declined (82.81D).
E. Minor countries which survive an attack by a neutral major power do not associate until the attacking major power is at war with another major power (82.81B, 82.82, 84.22).
84.22 ATTACKS BY NEUTRAL MAJOR POWERS: Minor countries which survive the first turn of attack by a major power which is not yet at war with an opposing alliance faction do not associate and instead fight independently, moving at the same time as their potential major power allies. Subject to the exceptions listed in 84.21, such independent minor countries automatically associate if an opposing alliance faction goes to war with the attacking major power.
84.23 FINLAND: If a border war between Finland and Russia has occurred, Finland automatically associates with Germany if Germany and Russia go to war, whether or not the border war has ended, is continuing or has escalated into a full scale Russo-Finnish war (67.51).
84.24 SPAIN AND PORTUGAL: If the Western Allies declare war on Portugal while Spain is neutral, Spain automatically associates with Germany in the diplomatic phase of the next Axis player turn unless the Axis achieve a 10+ diplomatic result for Spain in that diplomatic phase.

Rule 84.24 reflects both the treaty between Spain and Portugal and the obvious implications of a Western Allied occupation of Portugal.

84.31 PHILIPPINES: The Philippines are an American associated minor country. The 10 BRPs for the Philippines are included in the American Fall 1939 BRP total of 160 BRPs. Filipino forces are placed on the board at the start of the game.
84.32 THAILAND: Thailand is a neutral minor country which becomes a Japanese associated minor country when war breaks out between Japan and Britain, provided Japan has occupied all of French Indochina on a previous turn, or in the turn following such occupation, if otherwise. Until then, neither side's units may enter Thailand. Thai forces are placed on the board at the start of the game.
84.33 DUTCH EAST INDIES: The Dutch East Indies become a British associated minor country during the second Allied player turn following the outbreak of war between Britain and Japan. Western Allied units may not enter the Dutch East Indies until it associates. Dutch forces are always placed on the board at the start of the game.

84.41 EFFECTS: If a minor country is associated with a major power, the following rules apply:
84.42 POLITICAL STATUS: The associated minor country is automatically at war with all countries with which its controlling major power is at war.
84.43 FINNISH FORCE LIMITS: The five-factor limit on the number of Axis factors permitted in and which may trace supply into or through Finland remains. Finnish and Swedish units do not count against this limit (82.322).
84.44 HEX CONTROL: The controlling major power controls all hexes controlled by the associated minor country, and is deemed to have controlled such hexes from the start of the player turn in which association occurred. In order for such hexes to be considered fully supplied for units other than those of the associated minor country, supply must be traced into the minor country.
When a minor country associates following a diplomatic result, its units are placed on any supplied, controlled hex in their home country, unless the units are already on the board. If ground units belonging to an opposing alliance faction are in the minor country's capital following a previous diplomatic result, those ground units are placed on a hex of the owning major power's choosing adjacent to the minor country's capital, after which the minor country's forces are deployed.
B. STACKING: The units of a major power, its major power allies, its minor allies and its associated minor countries may stack together.
C: MOVEMENT: The associated minor country's units are moved by the controlling major power. The controlling major power and the associated minor country move in unison.
D: COMBAT: Associated minor country units are considered to be those of the controlling major power for the purpose of offensive operations.
E. NO REDEPLOYMENT: Associated minor country units may not be redeployed (EXCEPTIONS: Lent Spanish and Vichy French units may be redeployed to, from, and within the eastern front; Vichy France may reinforce its colonies - 77.42).
A. EUROPE: Associated minor country ground units must remain in their home country (EXCEPTIONS: The Finnish border hexes and Bessarabia are considered to be part of Finland and Rumania, respectively, for this purpose; lent Spanish and Vichy French units are treated differently). Associated ground units may attack enemy units adjacent to their home country, but may not advance out of their home country after combat. Associated minor country air and naval units may not base outside their home country, although they may operate freely from their in-country bases.
B. ASIA: Filipino and Dutch forces must remain in their home countries. Once Thailand becomes a Japanese associated minor country, Thai forces may move one hex adjacent to Thailand but may not attack Western Allied units.
A. Associated minor country infantry units are built at no BRP cost. Subject to the exceptions set out below, an associated minor country may rebuild a single one- or two-factor infantry unit each turn.

In classic A World at War, Poland is usually conquered in Fall 1939, before it can rebuild any losses, and Communist China may rebuild two infantry factors each turn.

B. Associated minor country units may be rebuilt in supplied hexes in the minor country which are not in an enemy ZoC (27.44) and which were controlled from the beginning of the player turn of construction (27.45).
C. Associated minor country air and armor units may not be rebuilt unless the minor country activates as a minor ally.
D. Associated minor country naval units may be repaired, but not rebuilt, in a shipyard controlled by their alliance faction.
84.48 BRPs: The controlling major power receives the prorated BRPs for the associated minor country at the start of its player turn following association, unless it has already received the minor country's BRPs in that year, and receives the BRPs for the minor country in each subsequent YSS unless the minor country is conquered.
A. Where a minor country survives an enemy attack, the prorated BRPs for the minor country are received at the start of the player turn immediately following the attacker's player turn.
B. Where association occurs as a result of diplomacy, subversion or an Asian triggering event, the prorated BRPs for the minor country are received during the major power's player turn in which the diplomatic result or triggering event occurs.

84.51 REFERENCE TO RULE 85.5: For an explanation of how associated minor countries surrender and switch sides, see rule 85.5.