Murmansk Convoy
Sequence of Play

  1. Decide size of grant.
    1. Murmansk convoys can begin in the Allied turn after the Axis have taken a full offensive on the eastern front following the outbreak of war between Russia and Germany.
    2. Limited to 5 BRPs in the 1st eligible turn, 10 BRPs in the next, 15 BRPs in the third, and 20 BRPs in all subsequent turns.
  2. Murmansk convoys are permissible if:
    1. A supply line exists from Vologda to the east map edge, and either
      1. A supply line exists from A47 to Vologda, or
      2. A supply line exists from A50 to Vologda and it is Summer or Fall.
  3. Provide escort:
    1. One Atlantic-SW-box transport for every 10 BRPs, plus
    2. One country-of-origin-based destroyer factor for every 3 BRPs.
  4. Move escorts and protecting naval units to the Murmansk box:
    1. Protecting naval units may come from a western-front port or the Atlantic U.S. or SW boxes.
    2. Western-front naval units enter the Murmansk box through A23-A34.
  5. German opposition must be in the Murmansk box.
    1. Up to 5 AAF (10 AAF with an airbase).
    2. As many naval units (and submarines) as desired.
    3. One submarine for every 10 in the Atlantic SW box (round up).
  6. Combat sequence:
    1. One round of air attack.
    2. One round of naval combat.
    3. Repeat the above rounds until Germany declines or the Western Allies flee.
    4. Submarine attacks.
  7. BRP Losses:
    1. One BRP for every factor of defending light ships sunk by air attacks, naval combat and submarine attacks.
    2. Surviving BRPs cannot exceed 10 times the number of surviving transports.
    3. Surviving BRPs cannot exceed 3 times the number of surviving destroyers.
  8. Surviving participating units return.
    1. German units are inverted in the Murmansk box and cannot leave it this turn.
    2. German submarines from the Atlantic SW box return there.
    3. Western Allied units return inverted (Exception: SW box units) to their box or port of origin or any port within 20 hexes of A23-A34.
      1. If later NRed to the Atlantic SW box, they are inverted for the next Axis turn.