Coral Sea: "Scratch one flattop!"

Introduction: Infected with the "victory disease", Japan resolved its indecision as to whether to try to break the Allied lines of communication to Australia or to invade Midway by trying -- and failing -- to do both.

Duration: Japanese Spring 1942 movement and combat phase.

Situation: Japan has taken a full offensive on the Pacific front. All controlled areas are considered fully supplied throughout the scenario. The scenario is only the Japanese movement and combat phases.

Controlled Areas:

Japan controls New Britain, New Ireland, Manus, the East Caroline island group, Lae and Bougainville.

The Allies control Australia, New Caledonia, Port Moresby, the New Hebrides island group and the Solomon island group except Bougainville.

Special Rules:

       Play is restricted to the controlled areas and the sea hexes around them.

       The Japanese naval forces in Truk must form one TF and patrol.

       10 factors of Japanese naval forces in Rabaul must form one TF and attempt to invade Port Moresby.

       One Japanese destroyer factor in Rabaul must attempt to invade Guadalcanal.

Research and Production:


       Torpedo result: +1

       9 Magic cards (add either a tactical or strategic card)

Western Allies:

       ASW result: -2

       Radar result: +1

       9 Magic cards (add either a tactical or strategic card)

Japanese Forces:

      Truk: 6 NAS (elite), Shokaku (CV), Zuikaku (CV), CA8, DD2, 1 submarine

      Rabual: 2 AAF, 2 NAS, Shoho (CVL), CA8, DD5, 1n2, 1-2, 1-2

      Lae: 1 AAF, 1-2

Allied Forces (American unless otherwise indicated):

      Noumea: 10 NAS, Lexington (CV), Yorktown (CV), CA8, DD1

      Port Moresby: 1 AAF (Aus), 1-2 (Aus)

      Cairns: 2 AAF, 1 AAF (Aus)

      Townsville: CA4, CA4 (Aus), DD1 (Aus)

Victory Conditions

Victory is determined by the control of Port Moresby and Guadalcanal and the casualties suffered by each side. Whichever side has more Victory Points at the end of the scenario is the winner. The difference in Victory Points determines the level of victory: decisive, 10; tactical, 7; marginal, 3; pyrrhic, 1; draw, 0.

Victory Points:

+3 Control of Port Moresby
+1 Control of Guadalcanal
+1 Each enemy surface factor sunk
+1 Every two enemy NAS eliminated