Midway: Pearl Harbor Avenged!

Introduction: The battle of Midway, which resulted in the crippling of the Japanese naval air arm, arose as a result of the ambitious plan to seize the important island base of Midway and force a decisive showdown with the American carriers that escaped the Pearl Harbor attack.

Duration: Japanese Summer 1942 movement and combat phase.

Situation: Japan has taken a full offensive on the Pacific front. All controlled areas are considered fully supplied throughout the scenario.

Controlled Areas:

Japan controls Japan, Wake, and the Marianas island group.

The Allies control Midway, the Aleutians island group, and the Hawaiian island group.

Special Rules:

       Play is restricted to the controlled areas and the sea hexes around them.

       Japan must attempt to invade Midway.

       The four Japanese CVs must be in the same TF, and that TF must accompany the Midway invasion force.

Research and Production:


       Torpedo result: +1

       9 Magic cards (add either a tactical or strategic card)

Western Allies:

       ASW result: -3

       Radar result: +1

       9 Magic cards (add either a tactical or strategic card)

Japanese Forces:

       Tokyo: 12 NAS (elite), 2 NAS, Akagi (CV), Hiryu (CV), Kaga (CV), Soryu (CV), Zuiho (CVL), Yamato (BB5), Mutsu (BB4), Nagato (BB4), Haruna (BC3), Hiei (BC3), Kirishima (BC3), Kongo (BC3), Fuso (BB3), Hyuga (BB3), Ise (BB3), Yamashiro (BB3), CA16, DD12, 1 submarine, 1n2, 1-2

       Wake: 1 AAF, 1 NAS, airbase

American Forces:

       Midway: 1 AAF, 1 NAS, 1 replacement, airbase

       Pearl Harbor: 9 NAS, Enterprise (CV), Hornet (CV), Yorktown (CV), CA16, DD5, 1 submarine

Victory Conditions

Victory is determined by the control of Midway [and the Aleutian Islands] and the casualties suffered by each side. Whichever side has more Victory Points at the end of the scenario is the winner. The difference in Victory Points determines the level of victory: decisive, 10; tactical, 7; marginal, 3; pyrrhic, 1; draw, 0.

Victory Points:

+2 Midway
+1 Each enemy naval factor sunk
+1 Each Japanese named ship damaged (Allied only)
+1 Every two Japanese elite NAS eliminated (Allied only)
+1 Each three-factor enemy CV damaged or sunk

The Victory Point for an enemy CV damaged or sunk is in addition to the Victory Points for sinking three naval factors or damaging a Japanese named ship.

Optional Rules

The Aleutians

At the time Japan attacked Midway, it launched a diversionary attack on the Aleutians. Players wishing to incorporate this aspect of the Midway campaign should apply the following rules.

Invasion of Aleutians permitted: Any eligible Aleutian island may be invaded. Only Japanese units in Sapporo may participate in any attack on the Aleutians.

Additional Forces:


       Sapporo: 4 NAS, Junyo (CVL), Ryujo (CVL), CA8, DD2, 1-2


       Any hexes in the Aleutians: CA8, DD1, 3 NAS

Victory Points:

+1 Control of all Aleutian islands (Allied only)