The Gibraltar of the East

Introduction: In December, 1941 Japan unleashed its offensive in Southeast Asia catching the Allies off guard and overrunning all of the Allied colonial possessions within three months. The fall of Singapore, the alleged "Gibraltar of the East", and the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse destroyed the myth of European supremacy and collapsed the Allies position.

Duration: Winter 1941 - Spring 1942

Situation: Japan has taken a full offensive on the Southeast Asian front and takes another full offensive in Spring 1942. All controlled areas are considered fully supplied throughout the scenario.

Controlled Areas:

Japan controls French Indochina, Hainan Island, Thailand and Formosa.

The Allies control Malaya and Singapore.

Special Rules:

  1. Play is restricted to the Controlled Areas.
  2. Allied Unprepardness is in effect.
  3. Japan has a NR capacity of "3" factors.

Magic Capability: None

Force Pools:

Japanese Forces:

Allied Forces:

Victory Conditions

Victory is determined by the control of Singapore and the casualties suffered by each side. Whichever side has more Victory points at the end of the scenario is the winner. The difference in Victory Points determines the level of victory: decisive, 10; tactical, 7; marginal, 3; pyrrhic, 1; draw, 0.

Victory Points:

+3 Control of Singapore
+1 Each air and ground factor eliminated
+1 Each enemy surface factor sunk

Variable Starting Forces:

As a general rule I have left the Variable Starting Forces out on the basis that the scenarios are meant as a fast introduction to the mechanics and concepts. However, since this scenario is such a romp...

Victory Point Deductions:


-2 2 eNAS, one CVL
-1 DD1, 1-3


-2 2 NAS, Indomitable (CVL), CA2, DD1
-1 1 AAF