Chinese Resistance Table - 61.11


For every five unbuilt Nationalist Chinese ground factors.


Japanese control of Chungking.


Nationalist Chinese control of Peking, Shanghai, Nanking or Canton (+2 for each).


For every five British, American or Russian ground/air factors in Nationalist China, Communist China or Manchuria.


If the Japanese control Yenan.



Nationalist Chinese government collapses and China disintegrates into warring factions. All Nationalist Chinese units remain immobilized in their hexes.


Nationalist Chinese units may not be built.


All Nationalist Chinese units are subject to a -1 DM.


Nationalist China may not carry out offensive operations.


Nationalist Chinese units may not operate outside China.


No effect.


Nationalist Chinese units operating outside China are not subject to a -1 DM.


All restrictions on Nationalist-Communist cooperation are lifted.

Explanation: Check at the end of each Chinese player turn and implement the result. Results are cumulative - each result includes all lesser results on its side of a "0" result.