Island Group Raider Table - 21.5397

The size of the raiding and defending forces is determined by the number of fully supplied islands controlled by the defender in the island group being raided (21.5395).
The raiding force may consist of any eligible ships, subject to the restrictions in 21.5394.
The defender rolls one die for each ship allowed by the 21.5395 force limit to determine which ships may defend against the raid (21.5396). No more than one 3-factor battlecruiser or battleship, one 4-factor battleship, one fast carrier and one submarine factor may defend.
The defender must choose a lesser result if no eligible ships of the required type are available or if a duplication of 3 or greater results occurs. Fast carriers may not be used at night (21.5393B).
Light ships must be based in an operational port within 20 hexes of the raiding hex, with an operational port within 10 hexes of the raiding hex, with exceptions for the Aleutian and Hawaiian Islands (21.3615, 21.3616); named ships and submarines must be based in an operational port within 5 hexes of the raiding hex.


Three destroyer factors.


One 2-factor cruiser or battlecruiser, plus one destroyer factor.


One 3-factor battleship or battlecruiser.


One 4-factor battleship.


One CV; or one CVL plus one 2-factor cruiser.


One submarine factor.