U.S. Election Results - 62.41




The U.S. ceases all offensive economic warfare, including strategic and conventional bombing, submarine strategic warfare and attacks by flying bombs and rockets, and may not make atomic attacks.


The U.S. seeks to reduce casualties for political reasons. American forces may not initiate or continue ground attacks at less than 2:1 odds.


The U.S. may not conduct full offensives.


U.S. forces may not engage in any offensive operations.


U.S. forces may not take part in attritions.


U.S. ground units may not leave the U.S. box.


U.S. air units may not leave the U.S. box.


The U.S. signs a separate peace, with a tension level for that theater of 46.

If the U.S. election result for a theater is -8 or less, the U.S. signs a separate peace and the tension level for that theater is reduced by four for each additional election level: -8: tensions = 42; -9: tensions = 38; and so on.