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when reading product reviews, 81% of us consumers are concerned about fake reviews. 90% of consumers in the us believe they've read a fake review in the past.

when reading product reviews, 81% of us consumers are concerned about fake reviews. 90% of consumers in the us believe they've read a fake review in the past.

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buy fake reviews amazon

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    amazon smile logo amazon strictly prohibits fake reviews and has more than 12,000 employees around the world dedicated to protecting its stores from fraud and abuse, including fake reviews. a dedicated team investigates fake review schemes on social media sites, including facebook, instagram, tiktok, and twitter, and regularly reports the abusive groups to those companies. since 2020, amazon has reported more than 10,000 fake review groups to meta. of these, meta has taken down more than half of the groups for policy violations and continues to investigate others.



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    this leaves you with very little competitive advantage. therefore, it's important that you focus on the brand. example: you list a coffee maker for sale on amazon. a customer purchases the product, you purchase the same item from and then enter in the amazon customer's shipping info. the amazon customer receives a package with walmart identifiers on it. this is not allowed!